The rose " The lover of rose"

Blessed with a rare sensibility for flowers, Robie was feeding on a particular love for the roses which gave him the nickname of « Lover of Rose » 


In this perspective the Foundation Jean Robie will honour its painter of this flower in his name by the crearor of roses Martin Vissers.Famous award winner of the rose Martin Vissers is a belgian creator of new roses.Several times gold medal winner in the international competitions of new roses, his company Viva International is located at Herselt.
Martin Vissers get inspired in the paintings of the painter to constitue a unique rose, a greedy buttonhole and to a delicate parfume.Its commercialisation is planned for 2014.

Robie had understood that ,to express the singular beauty of the flower, it was  necessary to leave it in its natural environment, for example in natural daylight.It is in that way that often, he painted in front of the beautiful flowerbeds of his enchanted garden, the flowerbeds in wich he devoted so much care. For to be abble to paint well the flowers, it is necessary to love them, to study them all the time.

"Very few artists, Rubens the only one perhaps, in his Garden of Love, gave with this intensity the expression,the charm, I repeat it , the allround beauty of this rose that one is able to call divine and with this one, as well as others have already said it, the grace surpasses the beauty"

Annuaire de l'Académie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique de 1911

"A subtle, rose perfume, a mix of freshness, lemon touches, and peaceful aromas..." 


The gentle force
A keen traveller in his day, Robie visits India, Algeria, but also Israel and several countries borderingth Mediterranean.In his travel diaries, he refers often to the gentle perfume of the countries he visits,the perfumed waves of the beautiful Venice to the perfums of the arab countries; Robie feeds off a deep love for the beauty, beauty  wich passes also by the smell.

By means of organic essential oils, we created a home perfume "L'Amant des Roses", inspired from the original Jean Robie Rose.
The perfume has been specially created to remind us of its delicacy, finesse, and the few words of exotism wich characterize Robie.

The perfumers of Lyon appreciated our perfume and it would be original to develop the commercial project of the perfume "The Lover of the roses" the sponsors are welcome








The perfume


Le Roeulx


The flower «L'Amant des Roses» will be baptised and presented at the International «New Flower» competition of Roeulx next year in september 2014.
There, a score will be attributed on the basis of the qualities of the rose, the stem,the resistance to ill-Health, the global qualities of the rose and its perfume.

The exhibition ( all public access) will be held on Friday the 5th of September 2014 (2PM-5PM) and during the whole weekend of 6th and 7th of September 2014 ( 10AM-5PM)

For more information about the jurys and press access, please contact the Foundation.

More information on the event : 

The Foundation would like on the basis of this competition to claim a justified recognition on the national and  international stage and in the medium term target an international export of the Belgian flower and further.




«Give a Flower to Jean Robie street»
Saint-Gilles is the district where the painter lived all his live, a street dedicated to the memory of Jean Robie «Jean Robie street».
Since the creation of the foundation, a project was born «Give a flower to the Jean Robie street»
Launched with the initiative of the residents of the street this project has in mind for a goal:to make the street more pleasant for day to day life.
A project to grow rose bushes is planned,not only in this street but in the other open green spaces and parks of Saint Gilles.
Why not «L'Amant des Roses» at the feet of the Goddess of Bocq, created by the sculptor Jef Lambeau, her which stands at the Town Hall of Saint- Gilles, light and sensual... and at the entrance of the «Parc Pierre Paulus» between landscape  painters ,it must be possible to harmonize, and  this will be a beautiful symbol !







The marketing of this rose "Jean Robie, the Lover of Roses" is one of the projects of the Foundation. The first roses are planted at the Jean Robie Foundation. We therefore wish to solicit the help of a patron to carry out the exploitation of the rose "Jean Robie, the Lover of Roses" which we hope will be cultivated by Béatrice Gakuba in Kenya, with a social project An exhibition "The Roses of Jean Robie" was realized at Hospice St Jacques in Roeulx during the baptism of the rose at the Royal Concours of the new rose of Roeulx ..


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