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Title : Jean Robie 1821-1910 Publication : December 20, 2007 Public price : 54.95€Format : 245 x 290 mm Coverage: hardcoverPrints : 1500Pages : 256Editor : Racine ISBN : 978-2-87386-531-3 Shipping (book) : 2.030 g


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This work opens the doors on a fascinating world – that of a captivating individual who is now being rediscovered.

An eminent 19th century artist, the academician Jean Robie excelled mainly in still-life, landscape an orientalist painting. His many travels throughout Europe and the East made him a writer with sound descriptive skills.

This book presents a biography of the painter placed back in his own social context, along with an in-depth analysis of his works, enhanced by a technical approach. In addition to a detailed study of all his writings, readers will discover a catalogue containing over 229 works of art, classified by theme.

On the basis of archives kept by the Jean Robie Foundation, a new view of the life of a 19th century artist is depicted here. Jean Robie, a first illustrated monograph, will become a reference work for art lovers and collectors.



The authors


The text was written by the Foundation and Brigitte Schuermans, a graduate in the History of Art and Archaeology from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and restorer of works of art.

Thanks to Veronique  de Viron graphic designer of the monography


This, under the patronage of Académie royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-Arts





The initiator of the Foundation and the monograph is Raymond de Fays, family archivist who wanted to transmit his "Duty of Memory". Throughout his life he has dedicated it to classify, preserve, methodically classify family documents and those related to Robie, his connection with the Tasson Snel family, collected notes relating to Robie's paintings of auction houses. He was the initiator of an article in the magazine No.10 October 1963 Brabant Tourism. (See article) Raymond de Fays helped by his archives, texts, letters and photographs Mrs. Brigitte Schuermans to the realization of her thesis of a degree in Art History and Archeology under the direction of Professor Philippe Roberts Jones in 1980-1981 "L ' Quiet universe of Jean Robie " ULB Faculty of Philosophy and Letters / History of Art and Archeology / sub section: Contemporary Art The Jean Robie Foundation thanks Raymond de Fays for his immense archiving work and for being the initiator of his creation and the book project dedicated to Robie Thanking him for his many years as director .


Geneviève Leroy, also a descendant of the Tassons-Snel, passionate about Painting and crossing Raymond de Fays at a Robie exhibition at Schleiper, shared the same passion for Robie, whom she knew from the family link. She enthusiastically contributed to share her archives. That she be thanked for her many years as a director.

Raymond de Fays and Geneviève Leroy Tours & Taxis 2007

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